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What To Look For In A Personal Injury Attorney

A few tips on how to find and choose the best lawyer for you in personal injury cases. Don’t settle for less than you are worth. We will match you with your local personal injury attorneys based on your answers to a few questions.

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Your lawyer can assist you in dealing with a personal injury claim, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and prepare you to appear in court or at an arbitration hearing. However, hiring just any lawyer may not be the best decision. Choose a lawyer who has experience handling personal injury cases.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Choosing a personal injury lawyer that is right for you, and
  • how to choose a lawyer that is right for you.

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Finding A Good Lawyer With Experience

Lawyers practice in highly specialized fields, and most tax professionals. Your first step should be to find an attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases for claimants (also known as plaintiffs). A lawyer who has primarily practiced as an insurance defense lawyer might not be the best choice, no matter how experienced they are. A lawyer who has taken the side of the insurer may be biased, thus not fighting hard enough on your behalf. Alternatively, the experience of a plaintiff’s attorney who has worked for a defendant (or a provider of insurance coverage) may prove to be beneficial.

Friend & acquaintance

Talk to your coworkers or friends who have experienced legal representation for a personal injury case. As long as they are satisfied with the experience, you should consider that lawyer. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on your friend’s recommendation when deciding whether to hire a lawyer.

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Lawyers have different styles and personalities that are perceived differently by different people. Furthermore, an attorney may devote a greater or lesser amount of time to a particular case at a given time. Do not make your decision about hiring an attorney until you’ve spoken to him or her to learn more about your case and determine whether or not you can work with them.


Law firms you’re already familiar with

An injury lawyer may already be familiar to you because they have represented you in the past. You might think that it is obvious to hire this person you know to represent you in your personal injury claim when you consider hiring a lawyer.

The lawyer may have no personal injury case experience or little experience representing injured plaintiffs. If so, request a referral from that lawyer to someone he knows or can recommend, who could help. There are many lawyers who refer cases among themselves, and nearly all of them have a network of lawyers who handle cases of personal injury for plaintiffs. Similarly, do not automatically put your faith in a referral from a friend or co-worker.


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Legal websites like and provide free legal advice and lawyer directories that can help you find a suitable lawyer to discuss your case with. Alternatively, you can contact an attorney for free by filling in the form displayed on this page.

Exactly who will be handling your case?

Lawyers work together on almost every case in a law firm. Paralegals and less experienced lawyers oversee routine tasks. If you benefit from a faster turnaround, this can be a benefit to you. You might want to avoid hiring the more expensive senior lawyer to handle routine paperwork if you’re paying by the hour.

Large Firm or Small Firm?

In general, a law firm’s size does not guarantee that it will handle your case well. Having a large law firm might make you think insurance companies will be intimidated into paying a higher settlement, but this is rarely the case. It is not uncommon for a person who has suffered an injury to struggle to find their way in a large company. Also, large law firms are accustomed to using money freely for expenses which can quickly deplete your earnings potential.

Aside from that, insurance companies are aware of the fact that larger firms do not always give personal injury cases the attention they deserve. Consequently, an insurance adjuster dealing with a busy office may offer a less favorable settlement, hoping the lawyer will recommend it to the client. The best personal injury lawyers choose to work in law firms with only a few lawyers, and any personal injury lawyer worth his or her salt chooses to work for a smaller law firm.